Moto Tour Details

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This motorcycle tour is the crème de la crème of everything that northern Colombia has to offer. Dive deep and explore the magic of this still mostly undiscovered area.

Day 1

  • Where: Santa Manta - Cartagena

  • Riding hours: 4.5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Lunch on the beach in Puerto Colombia.

    • Sunset on the wall of Cartagena old city.

    • Pub Crawl / Salsa Lessons.

    • Dinner in the old downtown area.

Day 4

  • Where: Mompox - Pueblo Bello

  • Riding hours: 5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Breakfast with baby crocodiles, stingrays and turtles in San Sebastian.

    • Cruising out the Mompox swamplands

    • Stay in the tiny mountainous village of Pueblo Bello, the main coffee producer of the region.

Day 7


  • Riding hours: 0

  • Highlights Include:

    • Kite surf, snorkel or just relax on the beach.

Day 10

  • Where: Riohacha - Mendihuaca

  • Riding hours: 2

  • Highlights Include:

    • Flamingo tour in a bird sanctuary.

    • Arrive at the luxurious Cayena Beach Villa for some well deserved rest.

Day 13

  • Where: Bonda - Minca

  • Riding hours: 5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Backroads up to visit Marinka waterfall.

    • The view from Los Pinos viewpoint, 1,200m above sea level.

    • Local smoked meats for lunch.

    • All-round amazing lodging at Casas Viejas Guesthouse.

Day 2

  • Where: Cartagena - Rincón del Mar

  • Riding hours: 3.5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Lunch on the beach in Rincon del Mar.

    • SUP board or relax on the beach for sunset.

Day 5

  • Where: Pueblo Bello- Nabusimake - Valledupar

  • Riding hours: 6

  • Highlights Include:

    • Explore the beautiful Pueblo Bello.

    • Challenging single track enduro riding up to the indigenous village of Nabusimake.

    • Tour of the village with an Arhuaco guide.

Day 8

  • Where: Cabo de la Vela - Punta Gallinas

  • Riding hours: 4.5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Hours of epic enduro on hard-packed plains, soft sand and rocky climbs.

    • A visit the giant Taroa sand dunes.

    • Sunset at our indigenous ranchería.

Day 11

  • Where: Mendihuaca - Buritaca

  • Riding hours: 4

  • Highlights Include:

    • Enjoying the resort during the morning.

    • Mixed enduro riding around the Quebrada del Sol goat trail.

    • Tubing on the Buritaca River.

Day 14

  • Where: Minca - Santa Marta

  • Riding hours: 5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Night ride up to Lan Lorenzo and a view over snow-capped mountain peaks.

    • Tour of La Victoria coffee farm.

    • Lunch in Minca and return to Santa Marta around 4pm.

Day 3

  • Where: Rincón del Mar - Mompox

  • Riding hours: 4.5

  • Highlights Include:

    • Breakfast on the beach.

    • Wooden ferry river crossing.

    • Evening swamp tour by boat.

    • Dinner at El Fuerte Restaurant.

Day 6

  • Where: Valledupar - Cabo de la Vela

  • Riding hours: 7

  • Highlights Include:

    • Go swimming and diving at the balneario el salto.

    • First taste of desert riding.

Day 9

  • Where: Punta Gallinas - Riohacha

  • Riding hours: 7

  • Highlights Include:

    • Visit to el Faro de Punta Gallinas. The northernmost point of South America.

    • Riding through a sandstorm back to Riohacha, the gateway to the desert.

Day 12

  • Where: Buritaca - Bonda

  • Riding hours: 4

  • Highlights Include:

    • Cacao farm and chocolate making.

    • Visit Caoba Wildlife Reserve and see amazonian plants and animals.

    • Enjoy the pool and views at Beyonda Homestay.


For experienced riders ready to take on the challenge of reaching Macuira National Park. Be prepared for multiple hours of riding in deep, unpacked sand.


PRICE: $2,899 USD

*based on minimum two riders with one guide.
*Discounts start at 5 rider groups, and a 25% surcharge will apply to single riders

What's Included

Optional Extras

  • Pasajero: 175.000 COP por día ($55 USD)

  • GoPro con montadura para casco: 25.000 COP por día sin incluir memoria-SD

  • Rodilleras y coderas: 20.000 COP por día

  • Botas: 30.000 COP por día

  • Traje impermeable: 10.000 COP por día

  • Hospedaje antes o después del tour

What's Not Included

  • Licencia de conducción

  • Bloqueador solar

  • Repelente de insectos

  • Pantalon largo

  • Botas o zapatos cerrados

  • Traje de baño

  • Toalla

  • Dinero para alcohol y souvenirs