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Santa Marta Motorbike Rentals

MotorCyCle Rentals

With three locations spread around Colombia, you can rent a motorcycle with Adrenaline Addicts almost anywhere! With our longstanding headquarters in Santa Marta, and our two new outposts in Medellin and San Gil, we can easily service most of Colombia. One-way rentals and drop off's just about anywhere, it makes your choice for motorcycle rental an easy decision to make!

Pricing and availability of motos will vary by location.

Our motorcycles

Honda XRE 300cc Turismo

For experienced motorbike riders looking to clock up some miles a little more comfortably.

Honda XR 150cc Doble Proposito

Great entry-level dual-sport bike. Lightweight, fun, and perfect for exploring the area.

Honda CRF 250cc

Same size and weight as the 150, but with a bit more power. Fuel Injected. Perfect for ripping up single track

Honda XRE 300cc Turismo

Entry level motorcycle, great for those who want to learn, or are looking for a budget option.

Honda XR 150cc Doble Proposito

Our automatic moto, great for beginners who don't want to worry about learning to ride a manual motorcycle. 

For All Bikes we Offer




Helmets, gloves, maps, and medical insurance

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Discounted long-term
motorcycle rentals

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Optional motorcycle pick-up/drop off service

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Motorbike delivery throughout Colombia

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top quality Customer support

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